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With its combination of attractively designed packaging and high quality confections, Spencer & Fleetwood initiated the market for fun, risqué, edible gifts back in 1986.

Manufacturing excellence and customer service have underpinned the business from the start. 

Spencer and Fleetwood became part of the Funtime Gifts Group in 2020.

Funtime have been supplying the mainstream toy and gift trade for over forty years. Creating, designing and developing many of their own unique products alongside sourcing the latest exciting products and trends from around the globe. The range consists of over 250 different products across numerous brands. 

The addition of the Spencer and Fleetwood business enables Funtime to service the edgier reaches of the Gift Industry and Adult market with a wide range of cheeky and risqué gifts and confectionery for the most open of minds.

We passionately believe in providing the very best service and in making business as straightforward as it possibly can be.We operate from distribution centres in the UK and The Netherlands, backed up with showrooms in London and Hong Kong. 

We actively encourage little and often ordering (of course large and often would be most welcome too) and want you to feel and treat Spencer and Fleetwood just as if we are an extension of your business and warehousing.

You can order and combine both Funtime and Spencer and Fleetwood products by phone, email or via our website or you can deal with one of our regional agents. Whichever method you choose you can  really rely on being able to place an  order today and receive it tomorrow.*

*Next day delivery is for mainland UK customers only. Other areas might experience longer shipping 

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