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Description Code
Add Insult to Injury Plasters Add insult to injury with these novelty plasters 10665
Nipplicious Rainbow pasties Nipplicious Rainbow pasties 10671
Boobie Biscuits Boobie Biscuits 10672
Sex Chocolate Bomb Trio Three 35g balls of luxury drinking chocolate with a magical surprise of mini marshmallow. CN21
Dunking Dickies Delicious all butter willie shaped shortbread biscuits. FD02
Prosecco Willies 120g of Prosecco flavoured jelly willies in a carton. FD24
Lust Dust - Body Candy 2 x 16g sachets of strawberry flavoured popping candy. FD240
Candy Pussy 42g Candy Pussy lollipop FD269
Gummy Condoms Ten individually foiled strawberry and cream flavour gummy condoms. FD29
After Sex Mints 30g The perfect gift to help fresh up after all that exercise! 30g of willie-shaped mints. FD298
Blow Job Mints 30g The perfect gift to help celebrate a job well done. 30g of willie-shaped mints. FD299
Peppermint Nipples 30g The perfect substitute for when the real thing isn't available. 30g of nipple-shaped mints FD300
Peppermint Peckers 30g The perfect substitute for when you need something else to suck. 30g of willie-shaped mints FD301
Succulent Hard Willies 90g of willie-shaped traditional boiled candies. FD38
Gummy Ball Bands Three fruity gummy testicular bands. Apple, orange and blueberry. 3 x 30g (90g) FD86
Cockups Rainbow First you choose a drink, and then a willie: it’s got the makings of a memorable evening! HH11
Giant Willie Hot Water Bottle Willie shaped hot water bottle. HH13
Cockups First you choose a drink, and then a willie: it’s got the makings of a memorable evening HH16
Offensive Stencils Offensive Stencils HH32
Cumfetti Sperm shaped confetti. HH36
Filthy Snap Unspeakably filthy progeny of Snap and Pairs HH37
Glow In The Dark Love Rings Three glow in the dark Love Rings. HH60
Rainbow Men's Thong One size fits most rainbow thong. HP2980
Rainbow Cock Sock One size fits most rainbow willie-wear. HP2981
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